Heating Instructions

Heat all Pod4Design Therapy Bags on a rotating plate in microwave.  Cotton covers DO NOT need to be removed for this step.  For small bags (e.g. 4” x 4” square) heat 30 seconds.  Hold bag in hand for a moment before attempting to heat product further.  Temperature is often hotter than expected.  Increase heat times by 10 seconds until desired heat is achieved.  Ensure your bag is rotating continuously and is not touching the inner walls of the microwave oven.

Cooling Instructions


Place Therapy Bag in a Ziploc style bag to avoid moisture and freezer smells.  Additional plastic freezer packs can be slipped inside cotton cover to increase duration of cooling effect.  These freezer packs should be placed in sealed plastic bags before insertion into the therapy bag as condensation can occur when defrosting.  If doing so, remove any added freezer packs before using in microwave.